A challenge for the Human Race!

Can we be more loving to create good families, friends and communities? Can we be more intelligent to solve more problems and ensure of our well being in life? Can we be more spiritual to be able to transcend above the weaknesses and sufferings of mortality?  My answer is that we can by increasing our EQ IQ & SQ levels. Yes, we each can be more loving, intelligent & spiritual. We just need to know how. It relates to our Consciousness of the tripartite nature of Man that philosophers of the Western world such as Plato named it as Appetite, Reason and Spirit. In the Eastern World, it is commonly referred to by Body Mind and Spirit by the Sages. The difference between philosophers and sages can be read here. Is Superman a Marvel and/or Mystical hero fighting for the Human Race? Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Marvel and/or Mystical stories will now begin... Initiated on Sunday 21 June 2020  It's Father's day today and I woke up, not realizing it, but had a mystical dr

Marvel and more Mystical stories

  Ok this is pic 3 from the previous post . As stated in the previous post, this photo was included at the start of this website with no idea of why it was included other than knowing that I wanted to share about Mystical and Marvel stories that I've never really written or pondered about other than my own spiritual experiences that occurred after I had joined our Church. Since this webpage was created only today, being 27 Sep 2020 a Sunday, I didn't have strong feelings what to write about all the supermen in the photo above until this.... For some reason, Elder Tai Kwok Yuen's article flashed on my computer screen. When I think of Elder Tai, memories of his visit comes to my mind and I got my journal book out to read exactly what I wrote which was never transferred to my online journals. I will now type on this journal what I had written in the book: The highlight of the year would probably be the birth of our 4th child, Chong Woon Shuan at 11.45pm at the Pantai Medical