A challenge for the Human Race!

Can we be more loving to create good families, friends and communities? Can we be more intelligent to solve more problems and ensure of our well being in life? Can we be more spiritual to be able to transcend above the weaknesses and sufferings of mortality? 

My answer is that we can by increasing our EQ IQ & SQ levels. Yes, we each can be more loving, intelligent & spiritual. We just need to know how. It relates to our Consciousness of the tripartite nature of Man that philosophers of the Western world such as Plato named it as Appetite, Reason and Spirit. In the Eastern World, it is commonly referred to by Body Mind and Spirit by the Sages. The difference between philosophers and sages can be read here.

Is Superman a Marvel and/or Mystical hero fighting for the Human Race?

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Marvel and/or Mystical stories will now begin...

Initiated on Sunday 21 June 2020 

It's Father's day today and I woke up, not realizing it, but had a mystical dream that informed me the secret of my success in life is "Never Never Give Up". This is not the first time that I have a mystical dream. I think many of us do have dreams, sometimes mystical ones and they could even be scary. Sometimes they are just ordinary ones like watching an ordinary movie that never got us excited, scared or worthy enough to leave us with sufficient feelings to want to recall them soon after watching. Some of us even turn off the movie if we were watching it online today as we don't want to waste further time on it.

Have you ever wondered about dreams or why we have them? Is there a purpose for them and are there any meanings that come from dreams? Like most people, I included, we live busy lives so whenever we wake up from our sleep, we soon automatically get up and ready to proceed to our usual daily routine of work or tasks to do including attending meetings, whether for work or social interaction. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the first quarter of 2020, my lifestyle and many throughout the world had to change! I could sleep in longer and even take time to reflect on dreams I may have had. Knowing that I need not wake up early and rush off somewhere, I could even go to sleep with ideas or questions in my mind to hope for prompts and answers the next morning. 

But I didn't always sleep in as I've been a leader in the business/entrepreneurial world all my adult life with projects in diverse areas where I had played multiple roles to do my best always to achieve optimal success. Outside the business world, I serve in voluntary capacities in my community & church wherever I am and being a family man as well, life has been really a busy one for me with activities and challenges from all corners. 

I posted the 3 photos above without really knowing what I was going to write about except it has to be on a "Be More & Know How" theme. Posting photos normally help me get a flow of ideas flowing to then turn on the tap of words that will describe stories from the photos I like to elaborate on. Obviously with the Superman outfit seen in all three photos, there must be something more I intend to share than just common every day stories. Marvel and Mystical would be the adjective to best describe the true stories I am about to share. I like to declare at the outset that from the day I started seriously writing journals of my life about 40 years ago, I had the desire to write events as they occurred as accurately as possible.

In other words, I am not a fiction writer and I can understand why by just looking into the Consciousness of my upbringing days. I was raised with high standards of truth in my family with strong influence of higher education that my father and four brothers possessed. Being born last in a family of seven children, I had the opportunity to take photos in my younger days when I could handle a camera as well as a video camera later when technology advanced. They were separate equipment in the early days when everything was much bigger in size compared to today. Therefore as I write non-fiction journals of mine, I have much 'evidence' to remind myself of situations/people I do not want to forget. 

It also helps me remember reality as without photos and videos, as time gets too far on, my memory can become more faint to cause me to doubt what actually happened then! Of course the account of what I write is helpful too but photos/videos bring memories back alive for me with greater intensity. Years later I can use them to create this website about the truth that "We start from young and we learn from the examples of others to repeat them."

So let's begin my mystical story of Pic 1 above.

This photo was taken in Penang in the month of June 2018. It is taken in a home that has deep personal history for me. especially being the home of my oldest sister who grew up there. She is in her early 80s today at this time of writing. Penang was the birth place of my Father and Mother who got married together in the year 1938 when both were about 17 years of age. 

As far as I can remember, every year in the month of December of the long school holidays, my father would drive my mother and I to this home. My Father's mother or my grand mother lived in that home and actually raised my oldest sister and my oldest brother from the time they were born. The reason I was told is that my father worked for the government so he was frequently posted to be stationed in various parts of the country to live with my mother. Another reason, just my personal thought today, could be that my grand mother had lost a daughter, my father's sister whom he loved dearly. I remember hearing of how my father came home one day to climb up the steep stairs in the typical Penang home to carry his deceased sister down with tears in his eyes! Perhaps leaving his oldest child, my sister and later his next son was something would make his mother happier.

Photo dated Jan 1936 from the words written on the right : "Chong Phaik Suat (My sister) born 1922" Photo dated 13 Aug 1936 from the photos written on the left : "Chong Toong Choong born 21 Jan 1921" From the dates written, my father would have been 15 years old and his sister 14 years of age.

My oldest sister is sitting on the far left and with no information of the date of this photograph, I would estimate her age to be about 6, then my oldest brother on the far right would be 5 and the 2nd brother 2nd from the left would be 2, with our cousin 2nd from the right at 4 years of age making the date of the photo to be in the year 1944. That was a long time ago as my sister was born in 1938 and my brother in 1939.

I could figure this out as I have all their birth dates. This is almost at the end of world war II era where the first Japanese garrison in Malaya to lay down their arms was in Penang on 2 September 1945 aboard HMS Nelson. (Wiki source

The Year 2008 was when my sister turned Seventy and my Miracle of 7 Stories started:

It was an auspicious year for my sister as she would be celebrating her 70th birthday in September. I promised her I would be at her celebration and had to cut short my business meetings in the US recorded in this journal of a long flight to Florida where I had accompanied Su first, my 2nd daughter travelling with me to Salt Lake City.

In the year 2020 with the world pandemic of COVID-19 that was realized in Malaysia with imposition of MCO to restrict our movements, I was glad to make a trip to Penang in July to visit my sister again when movement control was less stringent. How fast time goes by in relation to the the first photo above of me chatting with her taken 12 years ago in 2008.

With me was David Soon, my old mission companion who lives in Penang who started off with me serving for our Church as missionaries in 1980 in our own country. As I've started off this journal touching on a Marvel and/or Mystical theme, I like to share a couple of mystical events that was brought up on this trip and the last trip in June 2019 when I met up with David again when Pic 1 & 2 was taken.

First it was about a scary event where we were close to being killed with a head on collision with a truck/lorry or possibly to be squashed between two of them. So in my last trip where I was chatting with him, I realized that though he was in the very scene with me that seemed to happen in split-seconds, he derived a different understanding of what actually happened. After so many years of our continued friendship, I got to realize that he didn't see it as a complete miracle as I had perceived and I knew the reason why too! We were both very shocked of what had happened and as he continued to drive on the road, I knew we both didn't converse with each other and just kept totally quiet as recorded in my online journal here. 

Also there was also a part that was kept in my consciousness that I didn't write everything in detail as the world in the 80s was not as transparent as today in the 2020s. David was driving and I was helping him to observe on my left side when there would be a space to pull in behind the long-semi trailer as it was going too fast and our car was only 1100 cc without enough power to over take it as it was not slowing down for us! So David started pressing the brake but it needed time to get behind the semi-trailer as he had got to maximum speed to reach the middle part of the semi trailer and had to start braking as the other truck suddenly came out from a corner ahead of us and was fast approaching us! So I was to give David the cue when there would be space for him to pull the steering to get behind the long semi-trailer!

Now I remembered this incident vividly as my eyes were watching for the space on the left of our car to give a shout to David to pull the steering to the left to avoid a head-on with the oncoming truck. It was already dark and headlights were on where I was keeping one eye on the left and the other eye focused on the oncoming truck towards us, if that was ever possible! When I gave the shout "NOW", I actually didn't see any space on my left but the oncoming truck with it's bright lights was coming so close to us that I shouted out of panic or reflexes! It all happened so quickly, not finding the words even today to properly describe the split second occurrence that he pulled left and I was expecting the CRASH but it was like "swosh, swosh" sounds we heard of the two trucks at top speed going past each other immediately after we, in perfect/miraculous timing, slipped behind the back of the semi-trailer!

I knew for sure that I didn't see any space on my left but shouted "Now" due to reaction of seeing the oncoming bright lights coming so close to us and David acted on my shout to immediately pull left to hear the "swosh" sounds of the two trucks passing each other at top speed! We were definitely in shock to stay totally quiet as David kept driving at a slower speed towards our destination. It was never reported to the Mission President for fear we would lose the use of our car where how we got it was a miracle itself shared in the same journal of this Car Story! Furthermore, obtaining the car itself from my Father was unimaginable after he got really mad at me, shared in this journal of my coming home to tell my family about postponing my career/work plans for 2 years after I had just graduated from the university!

Now for the 2nd mystical event, it was when we first met together to start off serving our assigned mission which was the Singapore mission that included Malaysia that we were planned to serve, being our own native country as locals would have no problems of trying to get long term visas to serve a full 2 year mission for Elders at that time. Now for recalling this event, David had no discrepancy when we started chatting about old times in my recent visits to Penang. We both somehow received a similar personal revelation, tossing in bed to consider whether to serve a full time 2 year mission for our church or not in the month of December of the year 1979. This was recorded in my online journal here.

It's amazing as I was in the southern hemisphere in Australia and he was in the northern hemisphere in UK where he was a student of chemistry. Sounds like Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance' in quantum physics explained in this science article.

On this visit, as David Soon was there to make a courtesy visit and had some other things to do, I didn't spend much time covering on family history topics with my sister. I would visit her again before my return to Kuala Lumpur covered in the section below. It is therefore timely and appropriate to create a memorial post of my cousin found below.

Ong Chin Ooi
Born 1 May 1946 and passed away on 12 Nov 2019

The mystical pandemic of COVID-19 hit the world in the first quarter of 2020. I only learned the news that my cousin had passed away on 12 Nov 2019 when I visited my sister, about 8 months later in July 2020 from the last time I had met him as in Pic 2 above. I learned that he had requested that his ashes after the cremation be cast out in the open sea so that it would be spread out and not be kept in one place for anyone to remember him. 

In a coincidental and symbolic way, it turned out that this post done in remembrance of my cousin Ong Chin Ooi is somewhat spread out through some pages of my online journal to finally be added to my main journal in memory of my family members and friends who have departed found here.

Click here to do some time travel to another post to learn what mystical things happened there when I was following up on our Family History work in Penang.

If you have clicked the above link, you would have learned about his mystical life being a medium who could also do psychic readings for others. Pic 1 above was taken at the home of my sister on Sat 29 June 2019 where she had family visiting and I had brought along another lady mystic named Benetta from Italy who is more into reading one's life or future by knowing the date and time of one's birth. 

Now she wanted to meet with my cousin so I had arrange for us to meet him after visiting my sister. So this brings us to the story behind Pic 2 above on the same day of Pic 1. So what mystical experience was there to highlight in the meeting of two mystics? It will be found below.

I like to point out that I had met my cousin again the 2nd time in another trip that I made to Penang on Sunday 27 July 2018. Almost a year had gone by since we last met.

He was not feeling well then, due to a stroke where he was hospitalized and later was being taken care in a nursing home. After this visit, the third and last time I met with him was at his sister's home with Benetta from Italy was 29 June 2019, as per Pic 2 above. His sister's name is Peggy.

Miracle of his power occurred.

This is what happened at her home. Benetta asked Ong Chin Hooi if he had a message for her. Now he was quite weak at that time so he spoke very softly that I had to listen to him closely to repeat to her what he had said. He just uttered two sentences as follows, "Mother Theresa" with a short pause, "continue to do what you're doing." I knew what it meant as Benetta had been doing charity work helping families in an Indonesian village for the past 20 years! Now that was amazing as they have never met each other previously.

I was amazed at what I heard and jokingly uttered if he had a message for me and he just uttered two sentences again with shorter words, "Temple....South America." I had to explain to Benetta that he was describing the Church I belong to which has a sacred scripture called the Book of Mormon about the ancient people in the Americas who build temples high up in the mountains. Wow, he was accurate to describe our life's interest, belief and historical background!

Post-dated Spiritual event that occurred 5 Jun 2021

It happened at the height of the worse time in Malaysia of the Covid-19 pandemic where the tightest MCO3.0 lockdown started on 1 June 2021. A senior member of our Church passed away due to Covid infection and a Zoom funeral meeting was organized on Saturday on this day shared in this journal. 

It was a touching meeting online with a great spiritual presence. After the event was over and I shut down my Zoom program, a Facebook video caught my attention. It was inspirational, from Benetta shared in Facebook which I have converted to YouTube below. It was inspiring as what she shared on the video was from a book she read that a human being or Man should live a life taking risks. It made me think about my life of constant adventures, business ventures, active sports, my world travels, my constant interaction with everyone and everything where it would be considered by many to have lived a life of risks! I call them today calculated or optimal risks, not mindless or reckless ones, to fulfil my desire to live a full life on earth, learning everything I can and always being useful or helpful to others. 

Benetta started sharing with me more negative news about the COVID-19 vaccines shared in Facebook here. I used it to check for more shared below:

Click here for more information & videos

16 June 2021
A little miracle
Days pass very quickly for me everyday as I keep myself busy everyday catching up with things I could never catch up with like my journals, my constant research of latest information like about COVID-19 etc. Also I constantly respond to all my social media connections to my family and friends where I believe this constant interaction activity of mine has somehow made me an OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking person when actually I feel so ordinary and even a slower learning/thinking person myself since my youth. So I just work hard at it, never never never giving up and what I've been sharing in this journal has become very spiritual!

Out of the blue, my branch president messages me that there is a member who is in pain with cancer living in the same apartment in the next block whose sister from US contacted him! I confirmed she is in the next block and best to visit her in the morning as it is almost midnight as I am finishing my journal here. A photo was sent of her to me below:

Blessing not for her alone but for me to be present to be able to visit her to capture this photo for her family who are all overseas!

Post-dated photo on 27 July 2021: Her right leg doesn't not need any more cast or bandages. It's just her right arm now for a week or two to remove everything.

My family members are all overseas and just past midnight for me in KL on early morning of June 16, we had a family birthday celebration after our usual online group chats :

My life is filled with so many mystical and joyful activities which I am doing my best to record down. I do it as I don't want anyone to think I'm making up all these endless stories of mine that personally invigorates my life as they are often very hard to believe even for myself! I guess it's a habit stuck to me in my training when young to be a Public Auditor which somehow took a different course.

Father's Day on 20 June 2021
Hangout with Su, Leah and Anya

Fei my oldest daughter had also called me on Father's day and we had a nice chat!
Fong Sin Whye
Born 25 Oct 1940 and passed away on 22 Jun 2021

This is the original full photo from my father's old album where another photo shared earlier at the top was extracted from. In memory of my cousin, I created a memorial video for him below and this post will be added to my In Memory journal with all others I have sought to remember forever!

After completing my composition of the video and posted it online, I'm suddenly impressed not to forget this photo below! It has relevance to my cousin as when I was young, I remember his father owned a business with the name "Lin Radio" selling electrical/electronic things representing big Japanese companies like Sony etc who give away gifts/toys to their distributors so we got this canoe from his father Fong Joo Sim! My younger nephew and I got to play with it with our imagination in the home of my grandma which is today owned by my oldest sister whom I visit often.

From the tiles on the floor, I know this is old photo is taken in the Penang house! This same photo is used in my Consciousness Lane journal.

During this pandemic so many things are going crazy like I'm mixing up a string of events here that should belong in their own journal category but I'm including this in the month of June 2021 that relates to the unbelievable era of our COVID-19 pandemic that ex-President of USA Donald Trump continues to speak up about China's involvement covering problems of politics and the media in the US!

Back to my trip to Penang:

In my July 2020 trip to Penang, I visited my sisters home with a good friend named Ang. On this visit, she shared some information about how Chin Ooi received his mystical power. She also mentioned a curse that the first wife of my grandfather in Medan had put on the other wives of his in Penang which includes my grandmother, his 7th wife and 3 other women after her who were also from Penang. The curse was on these wives that their daughters would not live long! This explains why my father's story that I first heard since young was that he sadly carried his younger sister who died of leukemia from the room upstairs down to the living room on the ground floor. Apparently the other wives in Penang also lost their daughters!

25 July 2020
A Mystical event.. Sunny Ang, a friend of many years decided to be baptized. I had gone back to Kuala Lumpur and the government had announced the implementation of a conditional MCO. Sunny had informed me that he would be getting baptized and I apologized that I could not travel to Penang again to witness his baptism. Thanks to technology, I could witnessed it through Zoom online arranged by the Penang branch and the missionaries of the Church:

27 Sep 2020

This post has taken time to complete as many stories over a wide time frame is being covered with the need to create links to other parts of my extensive online journals to get a picture of the whole story I am trying to share. This day is particularly special as it's a Sunday with my lucky number 7 on it that I realized only in the evening when many things started coming together in my mind to wonder if it's a date with number 7  to confirm it was so! What were the many things?

Social media technology is something I've mastered to make it useful in my life in many ways, not just keeping in touch with family and friends. I have connected my mind with the technology that simulates my brain which is a network of billions of neurons that contain information. It is the CHI part of the tripartite nature of Man, particularly of myself when I named it Computer Human Interaction in completing my research needed to write my book and stories as shared in this link.

For example, in my writings about discovering that my grandfather, Chong Kung We, had several wives who were located in Penang besides my grandmother, it was just recently that I received an email from our Church Family Search center that could come out with a family tree of my grandfather that I wasn't able to produce. It included the names of other people whom I had not researched but were submitted to the world's genealogical database by third parties to produce a more complete family tree of my grandfather seen in my screen capture below:

Wow, some descendant of Chong Kung We who had information of his other wives in Penang that I had not known about until recently from my Penang trip had done his genealogical history. I have of course experienced such miracles before naming in my research as SHI, Spiritual Human Intervention mention in the same above link.

For marvel stories for PIC 3 above move to the next journal post below or click here.


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