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Ok this is pic 3 from the previous post.

As stated in the previous post, this photo was included at the start of this website with no idea of why it was included other than knowing that I wanted to share about Mystical and Marvel stories that I've never really written or pondered about other than my own spiritual experiences that occurred after I had joined our Church. Since this webpage was created only today, being 27 Sep 2020 a Sunday, I didn't have strong feelings what to write about all the supermen in the photo above until this....

For some reason, Elder Tai Kwok Yuen's article flashed on my computer screen. When I think of Elder Tai, memories of his visit comes to my mind and I got my journal book out to read exactly what I wrote which was never transferred to my online journals. I will now type on this journal what I had written in the book:

The highlight of the year would probably be the birth of our 4th child, Chong Woon Shuan at 11.45pm at the Pantai Medical Centre on Nov 8th 1992. Woon Shuan's birth is probably the most spectacular and the following is the story of what happened:

Just a week earlier on Oct 31st, Geok Lee experienced labor pains on a Saturday afternoon at Church right in the middle of a Relief Society service project. The 3 children had to be passed to Rodney & Susie as we dashed to the hospital. The labor pain unfortunately subsided by night time and she returned home a night later costing us RM600+ with no baby.

District Conference fell on 7th & 8th November with the first Chinese General Authority Elder Tai Kwok Yuen visiting us. Elder Tai is originally from Hong Kong and had served as the Mission President before being called to the second Quorum of the Seventy. He had directed our conference program and on Sunday and Monday evening, he had requested for home teaching visits to some members near where I lived. 

That Sunday night of Nov 8th was the auspicious night when I was driving him and his wife with Richard Ritchie to visit four homes. We had just left the Ritchies' home past 10.30pm to head to the PJ Hilton from near the zoo, in the Ulu Klang area when my handphone rang from Geok Lee. We sped to the home immediately from a U turn & arrived to find her in deep pain. Sis Tai comforted her in the back seat while I drove with Elder Tai in front to the Pantai Hospital as quickly as possible. It was a miracle that all the city lights were green as we sped past through, about eight of them! We reached the hospital at 11.30pm and the baby came out at 11.45pm

We had previously scanned the baby twice, once at 6 months & the last was just after the false labor. Dr Chew, the same gynaecologist of our 3 children could not see any male testicles and informed us we will have a baby girl. We were looking forward for a boy for Woon Han as a companion but accepted the news gleefully despite some disappointment. That night in the delivery room, our first responses were- Geok Lee: "Surprise Woon Shuan! Sun Fu: "What happened? What's going on?"

It was a Boy! I thought that Geok Lee knew all along from the last scan and was trying to fool us but she was equally surprised. Actually she had dreamt of having a little boy early during the false labor and claimed receiving manifestation from the scriptures in the early months of the pregnancy.

Joyce Yong, our church friend called up just after the false labor to share her dream with us to say she saw a little boy as our 4th baby and wondered whether Geok Lee had delivered. We informed her and others of the false labor and of the latest scan results of the doctor that we were going to have a girl.

It was a definite surprise for every one and so that is the start of the life here of Chong Woon Shuan whose Chinese name means, "choice collection of literature" in Chinese. He was 7lbs at birth with a good rating of 8 out of 10 according to an international standard recorded by the hospital. (End of extract from my hand written book journal.)

Well reading my old written journal that was never transferred online previously to see a recurring number 7 that has become my lucky number since I started my series of stories or occurrences of this number here, but the fact that it is not just the lucky number involved but an experience I note as another miracle in my life, it would be included in another part of my journal here that is self explanatory. Years later, Geok Lee and I had a chance to visit the home of Elder Tai and his wife in Utah shared in this journal post.

Woon Shuan turned out to be a marvel to work hard at college to receive scholarships for his education in Singapore, served the army to attain the highest rank possible in the national service as a Lieutenant and after to finance his own way to serve a 2 year fulltime mission for our Church called to the London-England mission. Photos of his mission are found in a video here using the soundtrack of a long but interesting talk on the most mystical event of history i.e. the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Being quite a marvel achiever himself, I remember his comments one day when he said I wish I could be like "kokor", his older brother or oldest of the 4 boys in the family. You can see his brief profile history shared after his brother's which is not too far behind. He just lost time as he had to serve compulsory 2 years of National Service in the army as a Singaporean while his brother remained a Malaysian till this point of writing and was exempted. Interacting with Shuan, I know he isn't one who lives his life wishing but really pushes himself to work hard just like how he pushed himself to become a lieutenant in the compulsory service he had to render to the Singapore Armed Forces! He earned the maximum salary one could during the 2 years and when I informed him he could be sponsored to serve a voluntary mission for the Church, he chose to pay his own way! Tears fill my eyes easily when I'm touched with moving true stories of life especially when they are my children. I am rushing to quickly complete this part of the journal in the very last month of 2020, the unforgettable year of COVID-19. 

How about the 2 youngest boys? I kept track of these two "Birdlings" in a special journal post here. I am grateful that technology has helped me to accelerate my recording of journals that has become my positive habit to help me optimize my Consciousness.

More on my lucky number 7:

The above video was included in my Spiritlane journal, that covers my journal writing period of just over 40 years ago when I first joined the Church. I used it to record my Church or spiritual experiences of my life time which were not always mystical but as miracles started occurring as a result of an exercise of my faith, the Story of 7 post was used to focus more on those rare and special events worthy to have it's own focused post. 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, with more personal time to do more writing,  I created more websites listed on this page, to house my growing number of journals with more focused topics. For the year 2020, most of the year's special spiritual experiences would be included in just one journal post in Spiritlane found here. 

The Marvel or Mystical theme seemed more appropriate to be included here as whatever being recorded here can be considered outside the ambience of Church experience based on the exercise of my faith but is part of my life experiences due to my active interaction with many people of different faith to learn more of their experiences which I believe are true or have found evidences that they are.

Now these may not be classified as scientific but in my research of Quantum Physics, even scientists do not fully come to an agreement of defining what is Consciousness or how quantum physics can explain it. Quantum Physics entanglement theory by Einstein described it himself as "spooky action at a distance." It's a phenomenon by which one particle can effectively "know" something about another particle instantaneously, even if those two particles are separated by a great distance. (REF)

Now having made the statement above, I must declare that one cannot totally write off science as being unreliable! Otherwise I wouldn't be able to be writing online here now would I? Man would not have been able to go to the moon or place all the satellites in space that meet our communication needs. After all, I did study computer science for my tertiary education in Australia in 1977, not forgetting that I was a pure science student in middle school too. To write it all off as a waste of time would have been unthinkable! What one can say is that we can learn many principles of truth that exists but there is still a lot out there that we don't fully know or understand yet.  Therefore we can be objective in some areas where we have greater information or knowledge while in some areas like the brain, human mind and consciousness, there is room for greater subjectivity until we discover and confirm more truths or facts with science.

Now this photo was added so that the reader would not be mistaken that the adjective Marvel applies to the males only! I noted that my two daughters in our family reunion activity were wearing swim suits that are blue. Missing is the mother of the family who passed away four years before the photo was taken. So I looked for the photos below that is symbolic of Mom with her daughters.

Notice the words Mom was representing on her attire, "True Blue" which Google defines as "unwavering in one's commitment, extremely loyal."

Here is when Mom is seeing her birdlings take off overseas for their studies and eventually be married. Look at her true-blue life recorded here with daughters 1 and 2. With her granddaughters 1 and 2. She is the marvel mother of her marvel 6 children where with joy, I continue the family journals at 

I have also started more journals in websites like to have a better understanding of the study of our human mind or psychology where spirituality has been recognized by the leading country of USA in western science as an important part of Man's experience on earth. I will contribute more to the western world as in the eastern world, we have more mystical practices of which I have familiarity to share more about my life long experiences living in Asia.

I have very good Western Eastern Interaction(WEI), having been born in Malaya just after independence from the British to have travelled frequently between both worlds. With my good Computer Human Interaction(CHI), I have been able to keep up with technology and the fast growing information that comes with it. Last but not least, I'm grateful for the wonderful years of Spirit Human Interaction(SHI) as a priesthood holder in our Church and my interaction with many people of different churches and religions in Asia. These three interactions are shared in another journal here.

Writing my personal journals regularly has provided me the exercise to constantly reflect on my life with greater awareness of my own Consciousness.  It has been a great help for me to be able to remember the past, acquire current knowledge and be able to project to the future in a more optimal way described in the following 3 photos :

With the COVID-19 pandemic starting in the first quarter of the year in Malaysia, time has passed by for me very quickly for me to be surprised that we have come to start the month of October already!

I found myself with more time of my own where I could really be busy doing things for myself or have my own agenda as there were restrictions to how much we can do to interact physically with others. My busy time usually involved in helping family, friends or clients all my life was changed to whatever time or things I would want to do, especially when I am living on my own.

The video below portrays how much exercise I could do in a day. This excludes the exercise I get from doing interior work at my new office ready for the new era the world is embarking on. It's about transformation to a new order of life party shared in the stories found at 

If you watched the ending of the video above, you might realize that the Spirit part of life was not mentioned. The reason is the Spirit part is not what many get themselves involved with as other parts of life captures our attention more. So there isn't a familiar quotation to include all three domains of our life as it should be. But look what happened after my swim exercise to meet with the couple below:

They came up to me to surprise me and I couldn’t recognize them with their masks at first! A few seconds later, like answering a quiz challenge, I responded you’re both lawyers who helped me appreciate all the public events or conferences related to politics! (An example of one of the events is recorded in my FaceBook timeline. The conference had Dr Mahathir as the keynote speaker as per this video where towards the end of the conference, I shared my comments recorded in this video.)

My Mind is very important to me as it has helped me figure out for myself many puzzles of life from academia, to society in general including the spirit world. In our brief discussion about how the world seems to have become more troubled or unstable, I informed them I will send them this link to hear from modern day living prophets of the world today. The experience reminded me that in my life I didn't just have a healthy Body and healthy Mind but my Spirit was also healthy to perceive many things that will be covered from hearing some of the talks from the General Conference of our Church that will be broadcast to the world this weekend

Marvel or Mystical, it is sometimes hard to distinguish between the two but why do I like to touch upon this subject for one to "Be More and Know How"?   I liken it like a tripod or chair that needs at least 3 legs to be stable. If a human being is lacking in the Spirit leg, the person  could be less effective to "Being More and Knowing How" simply because a vital part of the spiritual world is missing from his consciousness. COVID-19 I believe is a reminder to the world not to forget this important part of Man which helps humans find the true meaning and purpose of life on earth through the spiritual medium. It's existence is hard to accept as even the principle of dualism was hard to accept that there is the separate existence of the brain and the mind. 

I am positive that in the general conference this weekend, I can receive greater enlightenment and my experience will be added to this special 2020 Spiritlane journal post that includes the earlier conference in April this year that was completely online! 

Here is something special/mystical about the conference that I was looking for that I was anticipating since I met my friends at the pool site to be prompted to inform them about the live conference.

Click on the image above to watch and listen to Elder Gerrit W. Gong deliver his powerful message.

Click on the image above to learn how I met Elder Gong in Melaka. before he was called to be the first Chinese Apostle, with Patricia Cheah, the first person my companion David Soon and I taught the Gospel and was baptized.

Marvel, not Mystical stories from Penang

The above two photos are pulled in as my theme of Marvel and Mystical stories as I deemed them to be appropriate. My grandmother from my father's side is linked to my two nephews who grew up in her home in Penang. It was where all the mystical things started in my life that I have recorded influenced by Pic 1 explained in the earlier post. My two nephews were the two oldest boys of my sister who became my playmates every long school holidays in the month of December when my father would drive me to Penang during the yearend long break from school. 

I was their "say-han khoo", a verbal title from the Hokkien Chinese dialect to mean "little uncle." Being the youngest in my family and to go to Penang where I would hold the title of uncle possibly made me feel more special indeed! They were really the only playmates I had in life during those days where mixing with neighbors or strangers was not something my father favored for his children. This was a policy applied to my older siblings who grew up in old Malaya where many bad-hats/gangsters ruled the streets or neighborhood not different from Hong Kong or Singapore in the early days. So my two nephews really were the only playmates I had in my youth where I had to wait for each December month to have fun with them. The first pic was taken when they came down from the north to our home in Kuala Lumpur which was a rare occasion. The second pic was taken with my grandmother who brought me along on a bus trip to Thailand with my oldest nephew who was closer in age to me.

They grew up to be Marvels as my older nephew became a high court judge in later years from graduating as a quantity surveyor in Singapore and passing Britain's law exams done by correspondence while at the university! 

My younger nephew took a different route to go into business early. He became very successful as a major supplier of industrial parts and other services to the factories on the island. Free trade zones set up by the government attracted many companies to move their factories to Penang.

Guess only a businessman and not a judge can wear a Superman outfit! Check out who else qualify to be a Superman in this journal.


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