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I started journals with handwritten writings of details of my life in the year 1979. The main reason was that I knew I was entering into a new phase of my life where my experience would be different from all I've ever been through previously. Firstly I was turning to be legally classified as full adult of age 21. However, that wasn't the main reason for wanting to start recording details of my life. Up to that time, I felt I had already gone through a lot in life already. 

In middle school, I was involved in all kinds of extra-mural activities in and outside school, especially in the last two years of 1974-75 in a class where positive Feelings were embedded in me to last a lifetime! 

Academically I had figured out a way to study and could switch from a pure science stream to the arts stream of accounting, economics, literature etc. within a year in 1976. This was a matriculation program of Australian HSC Higher School Certificate to qualify for a business course at a Victorian state university that would commence early the following year. I would be enjoying free tertiary education in Australia financed by the Labor party government. 

With a couple of months' break before the university program would start in Feb 1977, since I knew I was going to be remaining down-under the world for some time, I planned an adventurous trip to explore western Europe! I had not up to that time kept any proper journals. Diaries or notebooks would be what I was using to record brief information of my ongoing busy life! I was good in photography and depended on these visuals to remember my life experiences to share them later online.

Time went by quickly in Australia where I studied, worked and traveled within the country. It was my usual pattern in life until July 1979 in the winter month of the country. It was a big leap into another world I was not familiar with! I accepted to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during the Australian winter that year. 

I knew it was going to be a totally different experience for me as I was brought up in a family that didn't have strong religious or spiritual convictions. For me, it was really an exercise of faith or an experiment in my life to see what will happen when I would do my best to follow the tenets of the Church. I've always been grounded with strong logic in my life and despite many opposing views of others in Australia, I could tell that all I've learned from the Church made more sense than what others shared with me who claimed I was following false teachings!

Somehow I had advanced so quickly in the spiritual realm of life that miracles started happening in my life! Being an educated rational person, I felt compelled to record my experiences as accurately as I could. I couldn't believe what was happening to me! Being only a new member of the Church, living purely with faith in Jesus Christ, I received personal revelation that I should serve on a full-time mission of 2 years! One thing led to another in an amazing flow of events that I did write down on paper at first to eventually progress to hardcover books that in later years were shared online when the internet became available in 2005. I was called to serve a full-time mission in my home country of Malaysia and we were required to write daily journals as well as reporting to our mission president with weekly reports sent to him by mail!

My first Online journal when I started blogging in 2005 was focused on recording family events(Familylane) as by then I was preoccupied with family activities. Our two oldest girls were already teenagers with four younger boys who, like the first two girls, came later in pairs about 5 years apart i.e. starting from 1984/85 then another pair in 1990/92 with the last pair in 1995/97. Having a large family with much time spent with them, I was also preoccupied with making a living. I started early as an entrepreneur in the 80s being busy with creations of my mind.(Fastlane) Over time, I was browsing my hardcover book journals that started in 1980 supported by filed paper notes as well, to eventually include them online too as experiences of my spirit.(Spiritlane)

Being trained to be a qualified accountant or CPA, I naturally used the learned discipline to record as systematically and accurately as possible experiences of my life. I was using journals where words of course were used more than figures that I was used to in my accounting reports. In short, I made sure that my journals were more fact-based than being creatively written stories as the world is aware of major corruption in government and corporate bodies, only when exposed or published which explained how my spirituality affected me in the direction of my work. The first real journal that I started seriously in life was nothing compared to my scrapbooks with photos and captions written in the past. Nor would my brief notes written in my years of diaries be of any comparison either but they are still kept in my personal cabinets or archives!

Over time, I scanned more of my relevant paper documents as well as photographs etc. in order to facilitate online sharing or long-term preservation of them.

I believe I have evolved to become an explanatory journalist and years later more analytical as well when my brain algorithms or pattern recognitions became more sophisticated explained in my 2021 Spiritlane post. With the OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking system I had developed, I used it to unravel two of the world's most mysterious subjects of Spirituality(supernatural beings) and Science(quantum physics.) My constant interest and studies of both fields has significantly helped me to better understand Human Consciousness, especially that of my own!

With the mention of my Spiritlane post above, derived from my years of continuous recording of spiritual experiences, I am adding in this post what I have left out which belong to some supernatural or paranormal experiences recorded in my spiritual book journals that I have never shared online yet. The first part of the Spiritlane post covered about my conversion story where from a leap of faith, I encountered many unusual coincidental experiences that I considered miracle blessings I was given to give me a firm foundation of my understanding of the Spirit world. All these happened when I was called to serve a voluntary mission for the Church in my home country. (1980-82)

I will now share them here, as they were never published online before, starting with the city of Ipoh and later on the island of Penang. Ipoh was a miracle story of success I had personally experienced in my mission field recorded here.

Let's see what happened at a book store in Ipoh on 4 June 1981 (Mission count: Day 303)

"During lunchtime, we proselyted at some bookstores. We were a bit late and there weren't many people to talk to. Also the bookstores are much smaller than the KL ones. Just as we were about to leave, I talked to a small, thin Chinese man and found out his interest was fortune-telling. He was Mr San Chong Eng and it was only a hobby of his. As we talked, he started to read my fortune saying I am going overseas for maybe further studies and that I love to travel. He also said I'm involved with voluntary work and I like to help people. (Well I did tell him I'm a representative of the church) 

All this he predicted without even looking at my palm. He said he was reading my face!! Then he just had a quick look at my palm and said that I belonged to a family of seven. He said I had faced many disappointments in my life (which I didn't think was true). Concerning marriage, he said I nearly got married once but there was a final separation. (I had to think this one over to see if it applied to the brief relationships I had with some girls in Australia!)

He also mentioned that I too, like himself, had some spiritual powers but was not fully developed yet. He suggested that we go to a coffee shop to read my palm more fully. I was more interested to teach him the gospel, so I made arrangements that we meet tomorrow afternoon. He was reluctant to give his address to me but said he'll give me a call in the morning."

18 June 1981(Mission count: Day 317)

We had an interesting meeting with Dr. C.E. Yeang who is quite well known in Penang. He was a very good doctor who is now retired and partly paralyzed because of a stroke. He is also well versed in religion and used to give talks every Friday. We met him in his garden where he was walking with an aid of therapeutic walking support. When we introduce ourselves as Mormons, he knew something about the Church and was surprised to know of our existence in Malaysia. He took us into his study room and gave us a half-hour discourse with the theme that all religions are "hum bug". Before we left, he gave each of us a card which has the blessings of 'Kwan Yin' or the Chinese "Goddess of Mercy". He said he has been posting this card to many people all over the world and showed us a bag of envelopes by his desk. 

Dr. Yeang is the president of the Theosophist society and we also learned he was involved with the Freemasons! We didn't have time to teach him about our church but I gave him a Book of Mormon. It was Elder Soon's uncle, Mr. Khaw Cheng Ham who introduced us to Dr. Yeang. Mr. Khaw himself was a disciple of another man, a Mr. Ong Ewe Hin who supposedly had the power of some deity with eight hands. Mr. Khaw himself had an idol of that deity in his lounge at home. He kept talking about the power it had and so forth and frequently expressed that he could feel the vibrations from the idol when we felt nothing. He briefly explained that his master received this deity while visiting a temple. 

He elaborated that it would sit on his head. He warned us not to challenge the deity as all power comes from the deity that would sit on Mr. Ong's head! If that happened, he further commented that Mr. Ong would have tremendous power that could fight or kill us! He elaborated that there were times when just talking to Mr. Ong on the phone, he would feel the power of the deity when he would have a choking feeling in his throat or neck! He attributed the power to be coming from the idol he had in the lounge as he pointed at it to us while talking. We assured him we would not be challenging the deity. He arranged for us to meet his master Mr. Ong in the following days. An appointment was set at 1.30pm at Mr. Ong's office on a Tuesday.

23 Jun 1981 (Mission count: Day 322)

After lunch on the Friday, we were brought to meet the Master of Elder Soon's uncle. We were to meet him in an office of another friend near the ferry terminal. It was an anti-climax because I expected to have some sort of power demonstration but all he did was give us a discourse about his experiences. He seemed bitterly opposed to Sai Baba and told us many stories that proved him to be a fraud. This is the first time evidence against Sai Baba and apparently, he is fading out in India while many Malaysians are catching on to his religion. We did manage to tell him a little about our church. 

We were curious to experience something unusual from Master Ong. Upon the prompting of Mr. Khaw, he agreed to demonstrate some power to us. We had him try it on us and he moved his hands up and down our arms and we were supposed to feel something. We only felt the heat from his palms and he called it the healing heat. When that didn't convince us, he put us, one at a time in the other room to see if we could feel the heat.

I was told to go to the room next door from where we were all seating having our discussion. I was to sit on a chair in the room that was airconditioned but the lights were not switched on so it was dark but not totally as the hallway outside had florescence lighting. I was there sitting alone for some minutes without any conversation and wasn't sure what was the demonstration about.

Soon I was asked did I feel warm? Now I recall that I wanted to respond accurately or honestly that I didn't feel warm and commented that the room I was sitting had air-conditioning and maybe that was why I didn't feel warm?

I was asked to return back to the room next door and Mr. Ong didn't make any new comments nor ask us to try another experiment. Neither did we as we didn't want him to feel as if we were seriously pushing him to show his power. We gave him a ride back to where he lived which was in a typical old bungalow found in Penang with a very big garden. We dropped him off right to the front door and said our good byes. 

As I was driving off slowly, my mind suddenly was reminded that I had forgotten to take a photo of Mr. Ong which I often do of interesting people that I would meet in my lifetime especially on my mission! I was only about no more than 20 feet away and with my window down, I reversed the car and quickly asked him without coming out if I could take a photo of him right in front of the door entrance to his home where have been told people come for his healing sessions. I told him to save time, I would just take a quick one from sitting in the car where he stood in front of his door and thanked him for it to drive off after.

Special note 1: Now just to note in the year 1981, there were no digital cameras and all photos were captured in a 36 roll of film that had to be developed at the shop. As our base was in KL, I would accumulate these used rolls of films to bring it to the same shop in KL that we would process them. We had spent a week more in Penang to head to Ipoh for a week's stay or more before returning to KL. I remember I had about 3 to 4 rolls of photos to be developed and usually would leave it at the shop to return back to collect them another day. My routine was usually to check that all 36 photos came out well!

Just as I was checking through the batch of developed photos, the man at the shop informed me that one of the rolls could not be developed fully! On checking, here was the surprise...that all photos after the photo taken of Mr Ong in Penang outside his home were pitch black from his head/ face onwards! The shop didn't bother to develop that photo but the negative was clear that only his body part was fine but from his head onwards to all the photos after to the end of the film were pitch black!!!

I did keep that negative for many years later, as a kind of an evidence for this miracle/paranormal activity but as the years when by, with a few moves in my residence, I threw away a whole box of negatives as I didn't find much use for them and neither were they sorted in chronological order to value them!

Special Note 2: The account of the story of Mr. Ong attempting to show his power to us was written my book journal for evidence but the part of finding the blackened negatives was not written as my journals were written usually on our P-preparation day on Mondays each week during my mission days. As the photos were not developed or printed until weeks later, I did not include the story of the blacked out photos in my journal. I bring it up here in 2021 as the Pandemic certainly makes many think about spiritual things!

Special Note 3: In the world of science such as psychology, it has evolved that today Spirituality is recognized as an important part of life so Transpersonal Psychology, the 4th force of psychology is alive today. My contribution to it is the creation of this website

30 Oct 1981
"A Morning with Khenpo Kalu Rinpoche" a Tibetan Lama in Ipoh

Khenpo Kalu Rinpoche address: Samdup Tarjeechokorling Monastery, P.O. Sonada, Darjeeling District, West Bengal, India.

First photo on top left of the page below:
Chokyi Ngima Lama(Canadian)

Second photo on the bottom right of the page above:

To be continued...


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